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COUPLINGS_7Hub and sleeve in forged carbon steel forged. The special design of the barrels allows the oscillation of the hub to the sleeve compensating angular misalignment. In addition, axial displacement, are allowed. Barrels with a large support hardened surface absorb stresses from torque and radial load. An indicator located on the couplings allows the control of the wear.

gear couplings BFT Drives 7

We can supply gear couplings interchangeable with the main brands such as: MAINA, JAURE and FLENDER


The Flex Hub and the Flange Sleeve are in hight quality carbon steel.

The fasteners are in 10.9 or an request in 12.9 quality with 2 ractify fasteners for the center flanges.

The hight centrifugal forces encountered in couplings separate the base oil and thickener of general purpose grease.

Heavy thickener which has no lubrication qualities, accumulates in the tooth mesh area of gear coupling resulting in premature mesh failure inless periodic lubrication cycles are maintened.

Gear coupling initially lubricated with grease.

Standard seals are in Buna-N material.

Maximum continuous operating temperature is 120°C

Maximum intermittent operating temperature is 150°C

High temperature seal rings are stocked as an available extra change option.

Maximum continuous operating temperature for the hight temperature seals is 200°C

Maximum intermittent operating temperature is 230°C