Gearbox Service

BFT Drives offers assistance and maintenance for gearboxes around the world with last generation equipment and staff experienced in on-site operation.

BFT Drives is able to offer services to existent gearboxes such as :

– endoscopic inspection to be able to check the status of gears and bearings without demounting the gearbox

In case the gearbox is in need of service and revamping we can :

– demount the gearbox

– clean the internal part of the gearbox case

– check the gears with magnaflux or liquid penetrant inspection

– in case it is needed we can produce and replace the gears

– replace the bearings

– replace the oil seals

– replace the speedy sleeve on input shaft

– remount the gearbox

– test of 8 hours

– painting

When needed we can engineer and produce new components to be used with the original case (drop in) in order to increase the performances and the productivity or to overcome problems.