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Flanges from diameter 58mm until to 1200mm.
Torques from 180Nm until to 8000KNm.
Our cardan transmissions with a range of products that goes from the series XA to the XF, offer an excellent operational safety, long life of service and lower part costs of exercise. Especially in the sector of the heavy and serious applications, our transmissions from the series XB to the XC, are the correct choice because of the constructive characteristic followings:

  •  Yoke created in an unique piece
  •  Great working angle and least torsion under you load elevated
  •  Great abilities of the cardan shaft to bear elevated loads of couple
  •  Selected materials and thermal treatments
  •  Optimal weldings
  •  Perfect planning and realization of the single components
  •  System anti bending of series up to the dimension 350 for the reduction of vibrations to the tall regimes of           rotation